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Crossfire intercooler pump. The insides!

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The Bosch intercooler pump on the Crossfire was replaced, so I thought I'd share some photos of the old one. The dealer wanted $7k to replace the supercharger, but $80 and three hours later (2 of which were spent struggling with the wire connector) I got the new pump in. I endured a lot of neck pain from laying on my side underneath the car, which caused a lot of headaching, which caused some vomiting.

The old pump was gross inside.

When I took it apart, the inside was dry and dusty.

This magnetic thingy was shattered. Not sure what causes that. I've seen identical pictures on the forum.

Its frighteningly fast now. Seriously. Frightening.
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A snapshot of Jesda's house: Pepperoni pizza coupons, Chrysler parts and a copy of Freedom Under Siege. :lol:

I love that you document everything in photos- seriously. It's like a semi-weekly reality show with no commercials. :thumbsup:
This magnetic thingy was shattered
Sweet, now you can turn the car around!
mad props to DIY Jesda...
I just bought a SRT 6 and seems like the supercharger kicks in and out losing power. In the mornings when is just warm, the engine seems to shift fine and have the boost. Is this what yours did when your pump went out? Im thinking thats whats my problem! Any input would be great! I have a warranty on it but trying figure out how to get them to replace it for me. I can tell them Im losing power, but you know how these dealerships are, thing has to go out before they replace it. It just be their loss though and t blows the supercharger! :) Mike
Jesda has the nicest pants of any mechanic anywhere.
Ask them to put their hand on the IC pump and feel if its working. If they're lazy they'll say its working even if it isn't. Be sure to give the service writer my photos, along with the two dozen threads on the Crossfire forum. Also, the intake temperature sensor could go bad as well.

You can drive it forever without doing further damage, since the computer tells the SC to disengage and retard timing to prevent severe overheating.

There's a video on Youtube somewhere of a guy in an SLK32 demonstrating the problem which he fixed with a new IC pump. If you end up having to do it yourself, the part is made by Bosch, found on ebay by searching "Ford Lightning intercooler pump" or "M-8501-L54". You just unscrew the head from the old Crossfire pump and put it on the new Ford Lightning one -- takes 2 minutes. Otherwise, the parts are identical.
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