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2000 Escalade, 2004 Deville DTS
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I'm hard on brakes - especially rotors. One long trip and they're warped again.

My brake/frame/alignment guy gets me right in and out and it's cheap to have them turned but the down time is a problem - this is my road car for work.

So he says last time, I turned your rotors again and ordered a new braking system for your car, you just drive too hard for the basic brakes that come on these heavy cars. Okay, is it under $500? Yes, but not by much - but consider teh saving today - I'm not charging you for turning the rotors this time.

I'm now running Brembo Cross-drilled slotted extreme duty rotors and the pucks and cylinders to match. I'm only 1500 miles into these brakes but I can tell you for certain, these things will bring you to a halt in a hurry with not only no fade, the longer you stay on the brakes, the more stopping power you have. It's taken a while to get used to them, they're really light to the touch.

I like them a lot and if I get the DTS from Tucson as posted elsewhere here, I suspect the first thing I'll have done is get those Brembo's on it and every car I own from here on.

Great stuff.:thumbsup:
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