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First off i will say that i am new here so i dont know all the stories or personalities.

After reading this thread i have a little input but its just my opinion so take it or leave it.

$435+shipping is nothing for trailing arms. I dont know if this is your first car but i have had several cars that i have modded and i think the price is fair. Also for someone like me that would like to have wider wheels where else would i or anybody go? If i were to try and have someone build me a set i look at it like this: Fab shop to get it right will have well over a day just to make a set. Consider they have to have a decent tube bender, Lathe and welder. So 8 hours + @ shop rate of $80/hr (<- very low) = $640. That doesnt include the bushings or powdercoat.

So like i said its just my opinion and observation but for you that are complaining about price i highly doubt you have the tooling and or knowledge to build these so stop complaining about price when its the only option most have.

Relax and drink some beer
1 - 2 of 109 Posts
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