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Cadillac used several different sizes of couplers on the CTS vehicles depending on the year of the car and what engine/transmission combination was installed. We manufacture all of the sizes of couplers offered but are still working on the cross reference chart for which coupler fits any given car. If you do not see your drive shaft coupler listed, please call/email us with the part numbers from your existing couplers both front and rear; these part numbers will either start with a GAU or a GAG.

If you do not see your part number, give us a call!

This drive shaft coupler (Giubo and Flex Disc are also common names) is a direct replacement for worn factory installed couplers.

Creative Steel couplers are designed and built in house specifically for the Cadillac CTS. As you may know, these couplers are not offered individually by Cadillac through its dealerships; they are only available as a component of the Drive Shaft Assembly. Typically the coupler(s) are the only part of the drive shaft assembly that wear out which is why we tooled up to produce these couplers. There is no reason to replace the entire drive shaft assembly due to the failure of one component. Due to the design and materials used in our couplers, you can also expect them to last longer that the OEM units. As an added benefit, the urethane that we use is a bit stiffer than the material that the factory couplers are made of. This added stiffness translates to better acceleration of the vehicle vs. the soft/power robbing OEM coupler. To a properly aligned drive shaft, our couplers will add zero noise and vibration to the vehicle.

We strongly suggest replacing your transmission mount and/ or rear differential bushing to ensure the life of your couplers.

You can find this part here:

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