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Our trailing arm bushings replace the OEM rubber bushings near the hub. The OEM bushing is one of the softest bushings on this car but has a tremendous job to do. Being so soft, the torque of these cars are able to cause deflection, making the wheel go forward when accelerating and backward when braking. Our bushings are made out of a high quality polyurethane that will hold up to the strain put on it.

Creative Steel prides itself on making our bushings the best way possible for the customer. No one likes squeaky bushings, and no one wants to get under the car and pull parts off to regrease them. With our design, you are able to grease these bushing while they are still installed on the car, making the thirty minute job only two pumps of a grease gun.

These bushings come in two different colors: Black and Red (same hardness)

This complete kit comes with:

2x sets of bushings with grease-able metal inserts
4x zinc plated washers
2x grease-able bolts
Factory Nuts are reused.

Our products are available here:

Product Auto part Bearing Transmission part Hardware accessory
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