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1999 White Diamond ETC
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A few months ago I had the struts and strut mounts replaced with Gabriel Ultras. They were a bit firmer than the worn 100K original soft ride struts on the car, so there's no longer any porpoising or wallowing over highway bumps.

A few weeks ago with the unusual cold weather, I began to notice the front passenger side was making a spring-like almost creeking (not quite) noise when turning the wheel (sometimes).

I had a buddy mechanic look at it while I turned the wheel and viceversa, and we saw the spring itself moves.

I raised the front of the car and noticed nothing looks irregular, but I can move the spring on that same side about 1/4" and it appears to rotate from the top (bearing) without the bottom moving at all. This shift comes without any noise when I do it with my hands, but I feel resistance, then let-go then resistance again, almost like a click but not quite. I couldn't do this on the driver side. This shift is also possible with the springs loaded, car on the ground.

So next stop is replacing both lower and upper rubber spring insulators, and strut mount (under warranty if it's the culprit, but will need to buy all these parts at the same time, due to labor costs).

Spring compressing is not something I want to experiment with much so I may have no choice but to replace everything due to labor cost of trial and error.

Does it sound like the bearing is the problem? or the insulators or something else?
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