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Cracked tail light on 2004 CTS-V

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I backed up into someone last week and cracked my passenger tail light. Have packing tape on it now which is good temporarily. The dealer said the assembly is $7xx.xx Canadian and with labour it's going to be $850 ish. Will check the local wreckers and also Lindsay. I like to get it fixed instead of having tape on it but almost $900 Canadian is crazy.
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I got an OEM passenger side tail light housing from someone on the forum for $125 shipped. You can also get them on ebay for under $300USD but watch out for the non-OEM stuff, the lenses can have different diffusion patterns.
check ebay! I have seen several for around $100. Its not V specific either so when you search just search for a CTS tail light. But you probably already knew that.
if you can not find one let me know i might be able to get you one for half price

pm me or email
Yes to what they said ^^^^

And for heaven sakes do NOT pay ANY labor to install a tailight! It takes about 5 minutes to swap one!
Yeah, how they would charge you $50 or more to change a tail light, with a straight face, is rather perplexing.
I also have a power steering leak and dealer say it's from the rack's boot?? and the pressure hose. The steering does not make noise and no driveability issues except for the fact it leaks fluid and I have to top up every 2-3 weeks. Usually the level is at the low end of the container.

If there is no noise or driveability issues, is it safe to leave the repair. Quote of $2030 Cdn after labour.
since we're on the subject of lights - is there anyone out there that wants to part with the right side backup light? :D mine's fogged and cracked :(
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