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CPO cost?

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i am buying a 06 sts tomorrow and they want to charge me 2500 to get it certified. Does that sound a little high to anyone else?
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Should be under $2k to get it certified, from my research. Didn't get it done on mine though... anyone else?
I got the dealer down to $1,300.00. It took some effort though. Good luck.
$1,500 to $1,800 would be a much more fair price.
My salesman told me it costs them $1,000 to get it certified by GM. That was a couple years ago.
I paid $1,400 in December. The dealer didn't do the checklist but I was after the coverage. An extended warranty with the same terms would be over $2,500.
I thought it WAS around $1,000 dealer cost BUT remember the car has to brought up to "spec" and this means tires/brakes/belts/ and all accessories have to work or have a certain amount of life left.

This is gonna cost different amounts for different cars in different condition.

That being said, the CPO has got to one of the most profitable things they do.

They have LOTS of room at the retail they're trying to charge you - talk 'em down some ;)
I bought my 05 STS4 AWD 1SG as a CPO car last month. Dealer said he pays $1100 to certify PLUS the cost of repairs required to pass the inspection. I can tell you that the dealer I bought from didn't repair squat, just pencil-whipped the inspection. Now, Cadillac is paying to fix the sub-standard stuff under warranty........avoid Audette Cadillac (Detroit, MI) CPO like the plague. I bought mine sight unseen and it is definitely sub-CPO standard. Cadillac Corporate is actually paying for PDR and Paint Work due to this dealers crappy over-representation.
Ah yes, they may say CPO, but they're still used cars.
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