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04 CTSV 500rwhp, 96 FTS-V T56 previously, 95 T56 Impala SS
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Hey Guys,

On one of the other forums I frequent, someone had requested a video with a stickshift car... So I went out tonight to try and record a few. Of course there was traffic everywhere! :mad: And do you know how hard it is to try to get a camera to stay still when you hit the gas? :) I do now. :D

So anyways, they're dark, and they suck, but here they are.

Vid 1:
I'm in third, downshift to a stop and shut off the traction control. When I start up again, you can see (hear) I have a slight, uh, traction problem and catch the cars in front of me all too quick.

Vid 2:
In this one I am at an intersection where I take a right and run up to about 60, but then I catch the cars in front of me too quick again...

I know the angles suck, and the lighting stinks, but it's all I could do tonight. :)

I'll get better ones eventually.

'95 White Diamond Eldorado Biarritz
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I wanna STICK on my eldo for my birthday damit!!!!

How much did it run you to swap the auto for manual (parts/labor)? ...That is the only thing (in my opinion) that my eldo lacks......nothing like sending a car back into 3rd in order to make a yellow light, I dream of one day doing that with my 95 eldo....Acklac
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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