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01 frontier , 89 Shelby CSX vnt
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yah they didnt have too many built when i was in the plant in late may , according to the people the ones that were built at that time were production evealuation cars , and also that the time the xlr was on its own mini assembly line , to be connected up to the vette line later on, tour guides were very hush hush about the vettes with no popup lights,northstars, and caddy symbols everywhere , a few of us did know what they were , the caddys quite a bit diffrent from vette under the skin , you can tell a caddy from a vette just by the back bone structure , i had always thought up till that point it was diffrent sheetmetal and engines , but it wasnt just that ....

we saw at least 5 xlrs on the roads of bowling green they look good in production form cruiseing down the road at the double nickle , my uncle even drove one (works for gm ) said its a hoot but not as entertaining as the z06 , says the doors are even wild , no handles , i guess the key fod opens them , all you do is walk up to it and the transponder sees you and you just tap the door thru that hole inbetween the door and rear quaterpanel and it pops open , no key used anywhere on the one he drove

ps ,
if you go to the pant tours are at 9am and 1 pm , if you go hang out at the chasis dyno , when they test the Z06 it breaks the tires loose in 3rd and gets really squirelly on the dyno drums , really cool :worship:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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