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1968 coupe deville
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Newbie Question!

I am looking to replace the circuit breaker in my 1968 Coupe Deville.

Does anybody know what amperage the circuit breaker (the one that fits in the fuse box) should be? I've looked in both my manual as well as the original manual online, and nowhere does it list the amperage needed, it always reads "CB".

The one I pulled reads "30-12V" (it could be right or wrong as the previous owner bastardized the car) however when looking at the fuse panel, in white lettering it reads "25", but mind you this circuit breaker powers the horn, convertible top, power windows, and power seating.

I'm seeing one that states it fits my car on ebay at 40amp-12V, but I'm concerned it's too many amps...basically I'm looking for proof on what amperage is safe to use as I don't see it listed on any of the manuals I own.

Thank you
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