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FYI July 18th 2007 issue

National Highway & Traffic Safety
Administration has ordered the recall of 450,000 tires
produced by Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. NHTSA says
the tires lack a “gum strip” which prevents treads from separating
from steel belts. The Chinese company, which has sales of more
than a billion dollars a year, supplies Cooper, Goodyear, and
Yokahama. They deny the tires are defective and refuse to honor
the recall order. Their sole US importer, and business partner for
17 years, Foreign Tire Sales of Union, NJ, has been left to shoulder
the expense of carrying out the recall.
A spokesperson for Foreign Tire Sales says they will replace
the defective tires until the company has exhausted it’s funds at
which time it will declare bankruptcy. They estimate they will
only be able to recall 10% of the tires before becoming broke.
Also last month, Foreign Tire Sales said it was served with
complaints alleging that the tread of a Hangzhou tire separated
causing a van to roll over and resulting in two deaths and a
significant brain injury. Those cases — Joao Paulo DaSilva v.
General Motors Corp. and Robert McCulley v. General Motors
Corp. — were filed in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia.
The same Chinese tire company was involved in the Cooper Tire
air pressure recall of nearly 50,000 tires ordered in August, 2005
The tire recall comes amid rising safety concerns involving
other Chinese exports. Imported wheat gluten tainted with the
chemical melamine was blamed for recent dog and cat deaths in
North America, and U.S. inspectors also have banned or turned
away frozen fish, juice and toothpaste from China due to high
levels of toxins or potentially deadly chemicals.

I don't use these tires any how

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:confused: The grammar,spelling, and rambling information presentation in the quote smells of subjective reporting. Because I have run both Cooper and Goodyear tires, I did a little checking and all 8 of my (present) tires and the 4 recently replaced Goodyears have (had) "Made in U.S.A." molded into the specifications oval on the sidewall. A check of Google for "nhtsa recall goodyear cooper" reveals that 91,000 Cooper all-terrain tires, manufactured in China, ARE being recalled for tread separation issues. I did not extensively surf around the Goodyear recall section, but their latest recall involves a 275/55/R24.5 (truck?) tire. Be careful when reading the site as it is presented by a law firm (?).

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:thumbsup: Man, are you ever correct!!!!!!!! Snooping through the tire recall sites will scare the devil out of you........nothing's safe! I betcha 99% of the electronics we're using to communicate, right now, are made in China. Just shows what $5.00 per month labor can do for you.........
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