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Water pipes (see the picture) have been scaring me off all the time. They were so badly rusted. And finally it happened. Coolant fountained from the crack (red on the picture).
OK, just called to the dealer. the part is called "heater outlet pipe" The part numbers are 3530658 and 3530659 a 3/4 hose is used for connections. The parts are $27 and $38 in case someone needs them. They are available at as well.
Today I replaced one of the pipes and cut the rotten part off the other. Then a 8'' long 3/4" heater hose connected the pipes. The following pictures show the condition of old pipes by the connection point, new pipe assembly (consists of two parts) and final look of the assembly after the repair was finished. The pipes were absolutely clean inside. No signs of coorosion inside of the pipes whatsoever. All the deterioration appeared to be external. So, I do not think coolant has had anythig to do with the damage.

QUESTION: My water pump appeared to be air locked for some 10 minutes while idling after radiator was refilled after repair (did not notice in time....). I poured about 1 qtr of coolant into the system through the hose by the "T" and everything was fine. Do you think I have damaged the water pump running it dry?


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