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Cooling Fans - 1995 SDV

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Hey all,

I've got a '95 SDV (4.9) and may or may not have an issue. I noticed that my radiator was smoking the other day in traffic and found that a plastic T that connected 3 cooling hoses had cracked and basically lowered my coolant level to a dangerously low level. Before I found the cracked T, I pulled over in traffic as it was smoking and noticed neither fan was turning, at all.

So, I replaced the T, and filled up the coolant.

But by looking at the fans (and a few other threads on the forum), it does not sound like the fans will turn until the temperature gets to a certain degree or the air conditioning is used.

Does anyone know of a way to force the fans to run to ensure they are working as they should besides running cables from the fan to the battery? It may help to know that I think the front side fan is bad as it was a bear to turn the first time, but it is now free moving when I manually turn it.

Any ideas or suggestions to figure out if I have a fan issue?
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UPDATE: Neither fan will turn when the climate is set to 'auto' at 60 degrees...

The fan WILL turn when connected directly to the battery though.

I also removed the 50A fuse from the engine compartment fuse block. When the climate is set to 'auto' at 60 degrees, there is no current running through that empty fuse slot.

Are the relays bad?
Swap the relay with a known good one and see if they work.

Forgive my ignorance on this, but do you know of any other relays on this car that are interchangeable with the 3 for the cooling fans? Otherwise, would another brand of relay work other than Bosch? Apparently, the dealer COULD get me a replacement Bosch relay, at $50 a piece. Since three relays control these fans, I'm not sure which to test...possibly multiple ones...
I think most any relay will work. Might even try tapping on it with a screwdriver handle.
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