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Coolant use

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About a year and a half ago the dealer fixed the HG problems in my 99 Deville. They timeserted it and all. I asked at that time if they put more pellets in the system (it wasn't stated on the invoice) and they told me yes they did. However this summer I need to put 1/2 gallon of coolant in every 6 weeks or so. Is this normal? Should I put another dose of pellets in the cooling system?

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It is *not* common and it has *nothing* to do with the rabbit pellets. Is there ANY visible coolant leakage anywhere on your garage or parking lot floor at any time? If the car isnt visibly leaking coolant anywhere (and you need to really get in there and check), unfortunately this is the biggest symptom of headgasket issues.
I have not seen any coolant under the car, but I will check more closely

Have the engine running and stick your head under the car from the front. A two quarts in 6 weeks type leak is not a large leak.

It is possible for a small amount of coolant to leak from the area of the water pump cartridge shaft seal OR the water pump cover OR the thermostat housing and that coolant would never hit the ground when the car is in motion.

I would not hesitate to pull the upper hose and install a dose of the sealing tabs and see if the leak stops.
Yea, Jim's right. I thought I read that you were adding a half gallon a week, you might try some of the bars leak tabs to see if it slows down or goes away. Its very possible you just have a tiny external leak, and Ill be crossing my fingers thats what it is. You still need to get in there and try to locate it.
Thanks guys, I will try some tabs and keep a close watch
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