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Coolant Surge Tank

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Anyone read the instructions for checking the coolant level? I must be missing the forest for the trees, but I cant figure out how its supposed to be done. The tank is black so you cant see any levels like you used to with the older white overflow tanks. You would have to open the tank up and then figure out the instructions:
The vehicle must be on a level surface. When your
engine is cold, the coolant level should be at the
FROID/FULL COLD line on the side of the surge tank.
Follow the arrow from the top of the tank down the
side to the horizontal mark
I dont expect problems plus with the Performance Collection you are supposed to have a heavy duty coolant system. Thus far I have never seen the temperature budge, even after driving hours at 95 plus degrees on I-95 last year and sitting still as usual. Just curious about how to check.
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I think they switched to a black plastic tank to avoid all of the complaints received when the fluid in the translucent tank turned a brownish color. There was nothing wrong due to the color but I bet it freaked allot of people out and caused unnecessary warranty claims.
When to engine is warm, run your finger up the side of the tank. you will feel the warmth of the coolant up to the point on the scale printed on the side of the tank. It's not scientific but gets the job done.
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