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2013 ATS 2.0T RWD standard trans

So my worst fear came true and i botched my valve cover gasket replacement. In short the replacement went fine, no leaks from the valve cover itself but in doing so i must have cracked a hose on the back of the block. I am beyond frustrated, but i have stepped back to ask for some help for my fellow cadillac junkies. I have 2 questions

A. Does anyone have a picture of the back of the engine. (Maybe during swap or out of car) so i know what im dealing with back there without having to pull the motor

B. Does anyone have any advice at all on this matter ill generally take any bit of tips on this

Thank you to anyone that has read this and if you help ill find a way to get you beer or i can make you parts if you need, im a machinist for Budweiser NWK so the sky is the limit
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