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Coolant/Heater Core Problem, not sure

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Ok, so my '94 caddy eldorado touring coupe has been leaking coolant since I've had it (less then a year) its been a small/slow leak but I could never find where it was leaking from. I never saw any liquids on the ground and there was always a faint scent of coolant inside the car (as if the car infront of me was leaking). It has also been overheating alot, even when the coolant reservoir is full.

Well just today my car decided it wanted to get me back for not fixing the problem, lack of funds im a poor college student. When I was driving today the car started to overheat, so being the savy car genious that I am I decided to turn on the heat till I got home and could turn off the car. Well immediatley after the heater turned on searing hot coolant poured onto my feet through the foot vents as steam came out throught the window vents. I spoke with some friends and they said it was the heater core, and is a relativley easy fix if you know what your doing.

I know the heater core isnt the only problem and I was wondering two things: 1. What is my overheating problem, and what do i need to do to DIY fix it
2. Is the heater core a relativley easy fix and can anyone possibly point me in the direction of some sort of walk-through without me damaginng the car anymore

I'm not a car idiot but by no means am I a mechanic, someone told me I would need to pull the dash out to get to the heater core, I have some experience with this cause I am a car stereo installer and I'm not afraid to do that.

Also, is there a way to move my car without anymore searing hot coolant pouring onto my feet (besides towing).

Thanks for any and all help you guys can give me, now im going to tend to my 2nd degree burns from the searing hot coolant on my feet :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: IT HURTS IT HURTS!!!!
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How far do you plan on moving it? When you move it, turn the heater back off so it doesn't leak as bad. And try to move it before it warms back up totally.

You won't have to remove the whole dash to get to the heater core. You will have to remove the lower sound insulator panel and the glove box.

As far as overheating goes...What have your temps been?
the temp gets up to about 260 and then it gives me the stop engine warning and doesnt display the tempature anymore, and only lets me accelrate very slowly to about 45mph

i only plan on moving it, two maybe 3 miles at the most, to a friends house where i can work on it

also, thanks for the help :D
I have on other cars bypassed the heater core, by routing the sypply hose back to the
return hose and driven for a complete summer, fixing it when I needed to have the
heat or the wife got cold.
I don't know for sure if this can be done on these fine automobles.
detox07 said:
and only lets me accelrate very slowly to about 45mph
Sounds like limp home mode.

There are various reasons for overheating. I would first check the thermostat. Is the water pump belt looking alright, is it tight?
not sure about the belt, i'll have to check it tomorrow when i go check on the car
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