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Coolant Crossover Assembly

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My brother has a 97 catera and it's leaking coolant out of the coolant crossover assembly (part # 93177190) and the dealership tells us it's going to be a $700 fix. I was wondering if anyone had this problem with their catera and if there was an easier or cheaper solution. Thanks.
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I just reinstalled one of these last night. I think I damaged the HCV though, cuz now its leaking.

That part should only be ~$100+S/H (my dealer told me he charges about $200 for the part). It includes the 2 banjo bolts & 4 seals. The labor is about 1-2 hours to install: 1. Remove intake plenum 2. R/R crossover. 3. Reinstall plenum. You can also remove the intake manifold if you want to since its only another 6 bolts, 2 fuel lines, & 1 elec plug. Removing the windshield wipers & cowl might also help.

I wouldn't pay any more than $400 at the dealership, and even that seems like a lot of $$ for this fix.

You can also try resealing it, but supposedly they changed the design due to leaks, so it might be worth replacing it. Look up "oil cooler replacement" for many guides & some photos since you have to remove the crossover to get the oil cooler out.

USE A TORQUE WRENCH (22ft-lb) when reinstalling the bolts - I broke one when installing the oil cooler bolts.

Interestingly enough, the dealer charged $6.xx for the bolts, but the seals were $7.xx - not too happy about that, but I was glad that they even had them.
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Are you sure the leak is not actually the plastic HVAC cross-over valve? This is a very common problem and very cheap and easy to do yourself. Took me 15 min.

Part # 90566947

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