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i posted this a couple days ago ...thought i would put a proper title and do a repost ...still no help yet !!!.... :(

Hi everyone .

i recently bought an 89 eldorado for my son for a song and it was great ..a couple minor probs a bit of paint and some elbow grease .....anyway after i got it all primo ...i give it to my son for his first car and hes diggin it ...we put a killer stereo in it and all was golden ......anyway last month during an ice storm ..he puts it in the ditch and no damage was done but when we pulled it out the coolant light came on so after some investigation we find that a metal coolant line ( looks like a heater bypass or something like that ..its so tight you cant really see where things go in there) that runs off the back of the water pump actually has perforated from rust and stuff and is almost impossible to get at ....we have the new one from the dealer and i am just wondering if anyone in this forum has the proper re and re for this ....we already have the passenger wheel well open and all the plastic inner fender stuff out for servicing the a/c pump ...we are looking at pulling all the rad stuff out and maybe having to drop the a/c pump at the moment ....just to get at the connection in the back of the water pump to where this connects up ....anyone with any help on this will be on my #1 a+ buddy list with me and my son.......just really need the order of operation on this one .....all the rest has been a snap so far ....

take care

cadipaddy and junior !!!
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