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Cool Navigation Trick

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Hey guys -

If you have a destination on your GPS set and you hit the Repeat (RPT) button, the voice guidance will repeat the next instructions (ie "In 2 miles, take Grand Ave exit"). I found this out when my girlfriend accidently hit the wrong button. I thought I knew the manual fairly well, but I didn't know this trick - so I thought I'd share with you fine folks!
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I am loving the Onstar turn by turn display on my Driver Info center sent to my Nav from my phone, All ready to go when I get in the car to drive.
So hooked on it I am keeping Onstar lol
I actually don't use the OnStar turn by turn. I send it to the nav, and also will probably retain OnStar as a result.
dreiloft said:
I am still debating on renewing. I have the nav, and really like sending direction via phone, ipad and computer, instead of inputing manually. For $250.00 is it worth it? Wife says no, but I am on the fence.
If you renew a month early I was told they will knock $50 off the renewal.
dreiloft said:
That is why I said $250.00 instead of $299.00. I am hoping there is a bigger discount.
Let me know if you can. I renewed today and couldn't get more than the $50.
Yeah, but I still like the integration of the NAV with Bluetooth so you can call up businesses you search. I also like the bigger screen, nag traffic and the weather and weather alerts for not only your current location, but your destination too. Not to mention the larger screen for the backup camera. I think the internal hard drive (to store all your music) comes with the NAV.

In addition to storing your music library, you can timeshift (pause, FF, REW) live music, and record up to 90 min of programming after you turn the car off.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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