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Cool Navigation Trick

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Hey guys -

If you have a destination on your GPS set and you hit the Repeat (RPT) button, the voice guidance will repeat the next instructions (ie "In 2 miles, take Grand Ave exit"). I found this out when my girlfriend accidently hit the wrong button. I thought I knew the manual fairly well, but I didn't know this trick - so I thought I'd share with you fine folks!
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I am still debating on renewing. I have the nav, and really like sending direction via phone, ipad and computer, instead of inputing manually. For $250.00 is it worth it? Wife says no, but I am on the fence.
gohawks63 said:
If you renew a month early I was told they will knock $50 off the renewal.
That is why I said $250.00 instead of $299.00. I am hoping there is a bigger discount.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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