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1968 DeVille Convertible (current project)
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Does anyone know what tire size L78 15 converts to in modern radials?
I want the car to have the same ride height, etc. so the closest size conversion would be best. For 1967 DeVille. Thanks.

Check this article you should be able to make the conversion, Mike

Here is a short clip from the article

To convert Alpha Numeric tires to P-metric sized tires, it is important to identify the original tire's aspect ratio. The 78-series Alpha Numeric tires should be replaced with today's 80-, or 75-series tires. If the vehicle was equipped with the low profile 70-, 60- or 50-series sizes, the P-metric substitution should be selected from the P-metric size column that offers the equivalent aspect ratio as the existing tire.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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