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I had new struts put on the front of my Catera today. The mechanic called me into the shop bay and showed me my control arm bushings that need replacing. I searched through the posts and saw a few people asking about them. The only answer i seen on where to get them was someone posting The person who wrote that thread replied with i dont speak german.

I am in the same boat. I have been looking for awhile now and cant seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone have a schematic of the front end and/or part numbers for the bushings. If there is a german speaking member who could find the info for me on ebay and help me through the ordering process it would be greatly appreciated.

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Remove wheel. Remove brake caliper

Remove 18mm nut/bolt clamping the hub to the ball joint.

Use a ball joint pickle fork to pry the hub off the joint. This will destroy the joint.

Remove 13/16 nut and bolt from the vertical bushing. Remove 13/16 nut and bolt from horizontal bushing.

Remove control arm.

Bushings can be pressed out with a large press.

Ball joints rivets need to be drilled out if you are not replacing the entire arm. New B-J bolts on.

Assembly is the reverse.

Make sure you have the car aligned afterwards.

Part descriptions & numbers for the Front Lower Control Arm Parts are as follows:
Front/Horizontal Lower Control Arm Bushings (each) - 90576775
Rear/Vertical Lower Control Arm Bushings (each) - 9156605
Front Lower Ball Joint (each) - 90542995
Front Lower Control Arm - Right - 90576789
Front Lower Control Arm - Left - 90576788

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