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I currently drive a 2010 Prius that is fast approaching 200,000 miles. My plan is to eventually get a Cybertruck but seems like that won't be available until sometime in 2022. I have always loved the ELR and seriously contemplating getting one as a gap vehicle in between owning the Prius and waiting for the Cybertruck. That being said I would love a simple bulleted list of pros and cons from actual ELR owners versus just the research I've done online on my own. The Prius is obviously paid off so the smart move would be just to maintain it until I get a Cybertruck but of the few ELRs available for purchase many of them are within a decent price range. I'd be especially interested in hearing from anyone that had a 2014 and a 2016 ELR as I understand many upgrades happened in that short time frame but they are certainly more rare to find. I am an apartment dweller but moving to a new apartment that will likely have a shared electric car charging station(s). I have electric car charging at work but otherwise would have to find one locally to keep it topped off with juice. ELR owners hit me with your personal pros and cons list... (No dissing the Prius. Yes it's an easy target but it's been virtually maintenance free for 10 years as well as having one of the lowest costs of ownership of anything out there)

Thanks in advance 馃槈

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For 20-30k, you'll be driving a very exclusive 60-80k vehicle that will turn heads wherever you go. While driving, it will be comfortable, reliable, and give you ridiculously good mileage.

Cons... not much. Little tight on head room, but I'm 6'7". Not as practical as a CTS wagon for cargo, but you have the Prius for that.

Go buy one.

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The one downside coming from a car like a Prius (I had a 2010 Prius before my ELR) is the lack of cargo space. But I was OK with that as I have more than one car. I had to downgrade my hockey bag because my good one wouldn't fit in the trunk opening. A Prius can hold a lot more than some people assume. The ELR, not so much.
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Yeah man if you can live with a smaller trunk the Cadillac is awesome. I personally love the interior. The seats also fold down (but not the center part). My dogs live comfortably riding on the back of the rear seats - theyre about 28lbs each.

I love my car so hard to diss it. It's the ONLY "luxury" car that can get 40+ miles per charge (2016 and using min AC/heat), and be able to select gas OR electric anytime you choose. And being able to drive like a normal car OR like a conventional regen car like an I3. Don't get me started on the Regen paddles or others here will club me like a small rodent. They're the greatest thing that - oops there I go...

In the summer I average between 39 and 49 miles of electric range without trying TOO hard....

2014- cheap now, and well worth every penny if you can live with smaller battery, less electric range, normal-ish suspension, and 2 years more on wearing out the battery but who knows, it all depends on so many things

2016- you pay a bunch more, you get bigger battery, it's faster, more modern grill, excellent awesome suspension and the ability to have battery and generator mix power. Tweaked software (no the 2014 can't be updated) for performance.

Cons: Well uh... if you know what you're buying and all about the car and how it works, then the only one is just an okay backup camera that degrades to "crappy" at night.. Other than that it's a great car for the used money you're going to pay for one. Even if tomorrow I had to go out and pay for new battery it would be like having a new luxury car just about for half of what one would cost.

If you buy one try and get a CPO one for sure!!! Also, the only thing I'm bummed about is not holding out and get an ACC model which would be super cool. But it depends on where you're driving and what streets you're driving on of course.
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