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1997 Seville sts
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I just bought a 97 sts. The body/paint is perfect, all the accessories work. Interior is pretty nice too. Engine runs smooth, even with 182K... but it leaks transmission fluid. That's a problem I'm trying to deal with now. I've always loved cadillacs, and I'd really like to keep this one. All in all, even if I had to get a different car, I'd still look at a cadillac first.

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1999 Seville SLS, 2007 STS-4 V.6
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A while ago while I was at work, this lady pulled up in a really nice car. To be honest I wasn't sure what kind of car it was. I did notice it had a Cadillac logo on it. As soon as I got home I quickly went online and looked through some Cadillac models. I finally stumbled upon the car that I had seen, it turned out to be a 1993-1997 Cadillac Seville. I looked through some images on Google. Instantly fell in love with the look of the car. Later on I found out that there was a "Newer" model the 1998-2003/4 Seville. I got online again looked through a couple images, it was love at first sight lol. To me this car was so ahead of it's time. I love everything about this car. I feel like this car doesn't look like the typical Cadillac that people are use to. It's not to big but it's also not small at all. Right then and there I told my self "I am going to get one of these cars even if it's the last thing I do" lol. Everyone kept telling me not to get a Cadillac because they are to problematic, I just kept saying that I didn't care.

So fast forward a couple months, I worked my butt off and saved up some money looked around and found my first car ever :). A 1999 Cadillac Seville SLS. I bought it in October 2012 a month after my 22nd Birthday :D so it was a late Bday present for me lol. I admit that I did not do any research when it came to common mechanical problems that this car may have. I knew nothing about the differences in the engines between 1998/1999 and 2000+. I just jumped in, like I said I love everything about the interior and exterior of this car. The interior of the car is in really good condition for the miles and the year. It has 153,000 miles Hopefully it will go many more miles.

A couple of things that I am dealing with right now is the Fuel level gauge. It stays on full most of the time never goes down no matter what. I have to put in a new Cam Sensor and a couple other issues. I really hope that nothing major happens to it (Blown Head Gasket). I know I know -1998-1999 are the most common years for blown head gaskets, but I will be positive :D. I am trying to maintain it as much as possible. In the case of any major issues I am trying to prepare myself, saving up some money and doing a lot of research on this car. Right now I am dreaming on buying a 2003/2004 STS/SLS. So hopefully some day I will own one of those and I either keep this car or get rid of it, but for now this car is my baby and I hope that we will be together for a very long time. I seriously love this car no matter what people think or say about them.

Sorry for the long story lol.

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'14 ATS Premium with 3 pedals | Past: '13 ATS Performance & '99 Seville STS
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I fell in love with the the way the Seville looked! So I test drove couple of them, and I was amazed by the power and the comfort. So finally I bought my '99 STS. After owning the old girl for 4 years, she still puts a smile on my face whenever I see her or seat behind the wheel. The sound of V-8 engine, especially after it passes 4k RMP mark is still amazing.

No major or minor engine/transmission problem whatsoever. Yes, it is a '99 with 145k miles, but original engine and no HG problem. But it has had dozen of small problems that are typical to the Sevilles and any other cars.
The following is the list of the items that I have replaced:
Wheel hub
Strut mounts
AC actuator
AC high high pressure line
Power steering high pressure line
Engine and transmission mounts
Trunk weatherstrip
sway bar links
sway bar brackets and bushing
lower control arm

And battery, rotors, brake pads, and tires. These items are maintenance items and don't count towards the problems that the Seville has had.

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72,92,02 Eldorado
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I get it from my Grandafather. Eldorado's all the way.
He gave me his '72 and I inherited the '92. Both restored and in storage.
I bought the '02 ETC last month or so because I was driving the '92 more than my daily driver. Now, daily driver out in storage and I drive the '02.:D
Problems? No problems. Only opportunities to chat with knowledgable people who share a common interest and work on something I love. I get ownership by putting time and effort into something.
I bought the car from a dealer with the assumption I would be replacing the motor (it only had 55k miles on it) based on their mechanics estimates. Boy was he on something. ONLY one thing on his work sheet was correct.
Sorry, it's probably not the answer your looking for. However, it is my perspective.
If you are looking to go the older Caddy route, I would recommend having a spare car or two.

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There are a number of Things you can do to help your caddy survive.

Do not let it overheat if it does, park it or tow it dont drive it. Check the coolant often, remove the purge line and check for flow do not put tabs or stop leak in the surge tank. You can put that stuff in the lower radiator hose. Do system press checks often.

Heat = death on a aluminum Northstar!

Visit this forum. Mike

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95 fleetwood brougham, 01 Seville, 06 dts
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My son begged me to get the 01 Seville to replace the 87 brougham that was well past expiration for his dad to drive. Seems ok. Burns oil and they do. Had to spend 300$ to regasket half the engine. No real major expense. When you own any used car and want to keep it decent it will cost. I am happy with all my caddies!

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2002 F55 STS, 2014 Explorer XLT, F-150
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^^^ Mike's last sentence: Every piece of info asked for is in these Forums - posted by members since 2003.

For the full answer to journier11's questions, you need to read through ALL of:

The Cadillac Technical Archive - way up ^^^ in the top black bar
Site Rules and Regulations
The sticky posts at the top of each threads page - staggering amount of info
The Lounge
Discussions; Item Specific - Cadillac Tech Tips
Discussions; Item Specific: each system forum
Engines - 4.9 and Northstar Performance
Cadillac Clubs - your area

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2006 Cadillac DTS Luxury III 135K
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1998 Cadillac Eldorado - Head Gasket Failure Previous Owner fixed with engine rebuild in 2004, Fast forward to when i bought the car in 2010 with 150000 miles, Abs pump failed, air conditioner failed before i even owned it, warped dash and rear panels those are the major failures. The transmission is going strong at 166100 miles with no overhaul.
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