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I am looking at a certified 06 N8 with 6000 miles. It has nav & rear ent sys & XM.
1st ? I have a life time sirius sub on a star base. is the only aux in on the stereo on the control panel of the back seat ent system?

2nd question is has any one taken out the factory nav & up graded to a superior after market unit. I have an 06 Acura RL & its nav blows the caddies away. B part of question if you have upgraded the nav will the tock rear seat DVD interface with aftrmarket head unit.

I am thinking of upgrading to an Alpine head unit with nav & bluetooth yet still be able to use the stock DVD for my kid. Does stock DVD have an audio out I coul run to a new head unit or could you use it with just the wireless headphones & not run it through the whole system?
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