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Can anyone with the factory 16" painted alloys on a 2005 CTS confirm that the factory lugnuts have a conical seat on them?

I have a 2005 Lux/Sport CTS with the polished 17" alloys and I bought a set of the base model 2005 CTS 16" painted alloys for my snow tires (Dunlop Winter Sport M3). The factory 17" polished alloys used a conical seat lugnut but it was open design since the wheel uses a plastic cover that snaps onto the alloy wheel to hide the lugnuts. The 16" painted alloys leave the lugnut area exposed so I went out and bought new lugnuts from Advance Auto that are a closed design...I don't want to expose the wheel stud to all the salt that will be on the road this Winter. The 16" painted alloy seems to have a conical seat around the lug hole with some kind of plastic liner whereas the 17" polished alloys had a definite conical seat to the wheel stud / lug holes. Anyway I bought lugnuts with a conical seat and a closed end to use with the 16" painted alloy and it seemed to fit OK. I just want to verify that I did use the right part (taper/conical vs. flat). The lug nuts I bought were 12mm X 1.5 conical seat by Rally Manufacturing, Inc.

Thanks all,

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