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So I've been toying with the idea of acquiring a used Sixty Special as a collector's car. I made the regrettable decision to trade my flawless 1992 Sixty Special in for a new Jaguar S-type in 2002. I practically GAVE IT AWAY. I've been kicking myself ever since. Don't get me wrong, I love the Jag S-type. It's a totally different beast than the Sixty. I still have that same Jag, and I plan to drive it forever, but, I also want to acquire another Sixty Special to drive on special occasions - and to relieve any lingering regrets...and so I can get my Cadillac fix whenever I fell the desire.

I began researching the various 1987-1993 model year Sixty Specials editions, and that landed me on the Sixty Special Wikipedia page, where I found some curious and conflicting information. Specifically, the differences between the 1987-88 stretched wheelbase (which Wiki pegs as being 115.8 inches with a TOTAL BODY LENGTH of 201.7 inches). It also pegs the 1990-93 Fleetwood Sixty Specials with a 113.8" unstretched wheelbase and TOTAL BODY LENGTH of 205.3 inches - common measurements for ALL 1990-1993 DeVille/Fleetwood and Fleetwood Sixty Special models for that period. I find that very strange. The data has to be wrong SOMEWHERE.

According to my math (which isn't great), that means the STRETCHED 1987-88 "mini limousines" only have a 2-inch stretch rather than 5-inch (why even bother for 2 inches) and an OVERALL BODY LENGTH that is 4.4 inches SHORTER than the UNSTRETCHED 1990-93 Sixty Special. Coincidentally, I also gave 1991 DeVille to my Father for Father's day. Although I never saw the cars together, I felt nearly sure that my 1992 Sixty Special had a larger rear passenger door (by about 5 inches - I thought) but the Wikipedia data conflicts with that observation and from what I read in this forum. It doesn't make sense to me. But, Wikipedia isn't often wrong. Can anyone help solve the mystery? Seems to me, if I were going to distinguish one of those as being a mini-limousine, it'd be the 4.4-inch longer 1990-93 model. My own 92 Sixty seemed to have a very roomy STRETCH LIMO feel to it, but maybe I thought wrong.

In any matter, I LOVED the 22-way power Italian leather seating and several other luxurious comforts, most of which were standard equipment on the 1990-1992 Fleetwood Sixty Special models, of which a total of 3,250 units were manufactured - vs - just 686 of the 5,286 Sixty Special models manufactured in 1993 that were fitted with the optional Ultra Italian leather seats, I so adore and greatly miss. Statistically, I SHOULD have a MUCH better chance of acquiring one of the 3,250 1990-1992 Fleetwood Sixty Specials with the standard Italian Leather seats, rather than one of the much rarer 668 1993 Sixty Special Ultras. However, after extensive research, I've found a total 22 various Sixty Special and Fleetwood Sixty Special models currently for sale, or recently sold - surprisingly 85% of which turned out to be the much more rare, 1993 Sixty Special Ultras. Seems to me, that most of the 3,200+ 1990-1992 Fleetwood Sixty Special have all vanished into oblivion -or- are being held by collectors. Go figure!

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Good luck with your search. If you keep an eye on all of the online car-sale sites, sooner or later one will turn up!
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