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Concours poor performance after warmup

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I have a '94 Concours that has suddenly developed a problem. It starts, runs and drives fine until warm-up is complete. Then the car stumbles, acts as though the fuel/air mix or timing is way off and refuses to shift up. It will eventually set a P094 code(shift failure).
Yet, if the cars cools down, it starts and shifts fine while warming up.


Thanks in advance

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I thought so too--except the fact that they work fine during warmup.
Some egr problems are more apparent once warm, Seems like it would set the proper code though, and souldnt mess with shifting
Usually the tranny will only shows signs that something is wrong when it is hot, not cold, there is definetly something wrong in the transmission. Check out your fluid and see what it looks like, should be pinkish or red.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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