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Component speakers?

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so i have the stock bose speakers in my car and they are starting to get to me. they just cant handle the highs at all...i have 2 jlaudio wo 12inch powered by a jx500 in the back and want to get a component system to compliment. i was calrity at a loud volume. what you guys think?
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i have a set of Infinity's, i love them. mine are not components though. anyhing will sound a helluva lot better than the BLOSE speakers. check out audiomasters in pineville, i am sure they can hook you up. if you are going to a set of components, you will want to add an amp for those also.
You local? And I've delt with them before.
just across the state line in fort mill
i have 5.25's, its a non-blose model
sure, i know rea road. i dont get up that way very often, but i am in pineville quite a few times a week
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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