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Component speakers?

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so i have the stock bose speakers in my car and they are starting to get to me. they just cant handle the highs at all...i have 2 jlaudio wo 12inch powered by a jx500 in the back and want to get a component system to compliment. i was calrity at a loud volume. what you guys think?
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A component set consists of, tweers (2), mid range drivers (2) crossover (2). If you get a component system, you will not be able to use the bose tweers, they suck anyways. Just replace it all. Though i agree that you get what you pay for, to an extent. Try, cadence. They are awesome quality and fairly priced. You will need another 4 channel amp to power the comapnents. 400-500 watts would suffice. Some one siad that they had 5 1/4 front door speakers. My 07 has 6.5 front and 5 1/4 rear. I had the bose system as well.

Once again, how are you running power to your current amp? What gauge copper did you use? Have you upgraded the electrical sstem in any way?
as an engineer i would say that the bose speakers are one of the best out there, but sound is so personal to everyone that even the best speakers on the market may not sound good to you, but the cheapest on the market might. So a lot of times its experimentation to see what company best suits your preferences. If only there was an easier way to plug and play speakers within the car to see what sounds good to you or not
Along with the company you also have to consider installation, space between the drivers and sound deadening material. All that plays a key roll in car/ home/ office etc.. audio.
Bose car audio is all hype - nothing more special in these speakers or components than in any mid-00's and up car. The engineering comes in where the crossover points are set internally in the amp, and the time spent in tuning each stereo to each model - working out cancellation, phasing, etc. Bose makes some pretty great stuff, but honestly it's a LOT about the marketing.

The funny thing about GM is that the Bose systems have odd impedances (relatively speaking), which makes plug-n-play difficult. If you wanted to just replace the speakers, you could - but you still need a crossover (comes with virtually any component set) and you'd actually lose volume, depending on the speaker. To the best of my knowledge these midranges are 2 ohm, and virtually ALL component sets (with a few exceptions) are 4 ohm - so you'd need something with a sensitivity higher than probably 91 or 92 db just to have the same volume. The sound quality would be much better, even with cheapo aftermarket speakers.

We need more info - what's your budget, what's your goal?

Also, unrelated to topic, I grew up in Pineville. From birth till about 12 years old, so 80's timeframe. Haven't been back in 20 years, but yeah... My old stomping grounds. Lived on Morrow Ave.
It is all hype, all it is, is an upgrade from what the manufacturers would put in. But home audio is a different story.... if youre willing to pay for it of course.
Fwiw, I'm sure a lot of people are really happy with the Bose system in their Caddy's. I'm kinda particular, I guess, and hanging out with a bunch of car audio guys has made it worse for me, lol.
Im not. It was the first thing i changed when we got the car. Anything that is factory, no matter what name it has on it. Sucks! At most they come in a 300-500 watt system. I have 400 watts powering my components in my truck... Get my point.
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