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comin back to join the party

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Good evening guys and galls, i have been roaming around on the site for the past year and a half or so, havent really said much but i would figure i would introduce my self and my black 1994 cadillac sedan deville. my Name is Andy
and my girl's name is Apollyon, the reason im posting this is, in two months her and I are moving down from the delightful town of Punxsutawny Pennsylvania, to sunny Tampa Florida for my culinary externship at The Saddlebrook Resort and i was hoping to meet up with a few of you some time to actually meet a few of the individuals i have so diligently read about.
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Well Andy, :welcome5: to the forum! And be sure to read this thread:

The meet's on the 21st, see if you can make it! (The location is within 20 minutes of Saddlebrook, and easy to find.)

well :welcome: and glad you're coming in out of the shadows. Florida will be a far cry from Punxsutawny. :yup: Off the subject, I love the movie ground hog day. :rolleyes:
Ned Ryerson :ride:
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Welcome soon to be Floridian or if you live in Tampa then you will be a Tamponian. :thumbsup:
thank you for the gracious welcome its really appriciated

but im sorry guys i would have to push the move date up a week to make it on the 21st. im heading out on the 26th ... but i would want nothing more that to go to the meet, so ill have to catch up with you guys another time.
Im sure there will be another meet at the end of the year. Depending on the outcome of me and Night Wolfs race, a rematch of sorts too.
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