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Come for a vacation while your HG's are replaced

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I'm arranging some deals with local points of interest and hotels for anyone coming a distance for the HG repair job. I hope that I will continue to get business from south of the border and other Canadian provinces for a long time to come.

There is a lot to do in Ontario, Niagara Falls is less than 100 miles from my shop, as well as Marineland (, the CN Tower in Toronto, various casinos, theatres, and a lot more. The Fallsview Casino Resort is a high-class, billion dollar resort that was built only about 5-6 years ago. There's an indoor waterpark only about 10 miles away from the Falls as well.

I will arrange pickup and delivery of the Cadillac/Aurora, from/to a destination of the owner's choice for roughly the cost of fuel. This means a stress free, fun vacation for the young and old, while your Caddy is getting fixed over at Northstar Performance.

Discounted hotel arrangements, room for parking of a truck & trailer, maps, discounted attractions rates, coupons, & more will be soon available. If my insurance company will allow it I will arrange for a loaner vehicle as well for touring Ontario. Of course, a Cadillac in good condition. Either an STS or a Deville.

I can understand the boredom of waiting for a vehicle to be fixed in a different country where you're unfamiliar with the area, so hopefully this will make it enjoyable for single people, couples, and their families.
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That sounds awesome. I hope it all works out for you. ALMOST makes the headache that I'm sure comes with HGs sound worth it. ;)
good idea but how long would it take for you to fix a hg?
97EldoCoupe = Idea Man

Thanks to the Internet, Sal the devoted webmaster/operator of this forum, and human ingenuity, for putting this group of clowns together and generating real genius ideas and the marketing of true craftsmanship.

Good work, pal. Hopefully I'll be visiting you this summer, once I'm settled in the Chicago area. Always wanted to see that CN Tower.
Hmm... I always wanted to see the Sears Tower... drove by that last year...:)

It takes between 1.5 and 3 days to do a HG job, depends on a few factors- how dirty the engine is, how many bolts are rusted in place, etc.

I like to say an average of 2 days per car.
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