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Is there a place somewhere in the internet that has the list of codes and their correspondence to the problem ?

My 97 concours is bringing up several codes in different areas.

I'm getting codes in the following areas :

It would be nice to have a place that one can go to and read what each of these corresponds to.

For example I have learned that on my 97' PCM 1350 and 1375 have to do with the crank position sensor. PCM 1599 means the system has recorded a near stall or stall condition. Maybe a data base can be formed since all or most of all the diagnostic correspondence have to do with these codes and their abbreviated sections.

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inschobor said:
Obdii Code 741 What Does It Mean
There is no such thing as "OBDII Code 741." It has to have a letter in front of it to be valid. Is it P0741 perhaps, or B0741, U0741, C0741? Whatever the case, visit the site mentioned above and you can look it up. If you need help understanding what it means, come back here and let us know. Someone will probably be able to tell you exactly what to do to fix it.

Go here:

Good luck...
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