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ruaturtle.......You bet your sweet a** I am........

Get an assistant, turn the key on, and you both sit on the open trunk lip. The pump should come on and level the car. You both get off, the exhaust valve should open and you'll hear air escaping in the r/r fenderwell as the car lowers. No joy..........

First, try removing the r/r wheel and inspect the level control sensor link arm - they sometimes disconnect from either the sensor arm or the suspension link ball joint.

Second......that pump and compressor unit is up inside the r/r fenderwell liner. You have to put the car up on jackstands, remove the wheel, and remove the plastic liner. Might as well replace the entire unit, as the filter/dryer always fills with moisture and brown snot from compressor cycles. That's what ruins the exhaust valve, shock piping, and shock boots. Make sure the air intake line is up and well away from any possibility of water ingestion.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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