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Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor 94 Concours

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I have a 94' Concours and my check engine light came on. I checked through the codes and found P094 (E094) ........... Transaxle Shift "A" Solenoid Problem (Vehicle Speed Sensor). I read up on it and noticed that the pan and valve body need to be removed. Below is the Tech Tips for this.
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Re: Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor Where and what is it 94 Concours?

a) the job is a mess, be prepared.
b) drop the transmission pan, and careful removing the tranny gasket, it is re-usable. Once you clean the pan, you can reset it with gasket sealer.
c) Okay, before you drop the valve body, you must disconnect the solenoid harnesses and there is a steel rod that actuates a valve spool that must be disconnected. It has a spring steel retainer clip that must be lifted and slid back for the rod to be disconnect. BE CAREFUL, spool can slide out, you do NOT want to damage this piece.
disconnect the solenoid electrical connectors and the mechanical linkage. The linkage has a metal clip you lift and slide.
d) remove the valve body screws, and drop the valve body.
e) place the valve body where you can afford a mess, it will contually leak. Best thing is to set it on cardboard on a bench.
f) remove the two clips holding the solenoids, careful they are spring-loaded and will fly
g) remove the screws holding the "large" portion of the valave body split, this is where the solenoids are located. remember the screw locations, there are about four different screw lengths
h) CAREFULLY remove split, there are 4 steel check balls loose inside the split (about 1/4" diameter, they will fly, as well)
i) inspect spacer plate, if the black coating is not chipping off you can re-use it, otherwise plan on spending another $ 70 at the dealership parts house. If you replace it you will have to remove the "smaller" split, as well. It also has three check balls.
j) replace the solenoids
k) now comes the fun, will note three holes in the spacer plate where three of the check balls reside, seat them there (appr. 3/16" diameter with a smaller relief hole next to it, as I remember). The fourth check ball will need to be inserted in a spherically-cast cavity which is near one the solenoids. You can set it with grease, I re-assembled successfully without using grease.
l) re-assemble valve body, carefully and equally torque.
m) you will note a square black plastic item near one of the solenoids, on the end. Replace this platsic filter with the new filter in the solenoid kit. The kit will also come with an L-shaped bracket that is to be used to "capture" this filter and keep it from backing out. The kit also comes with a slightly longer screw used to mount the bracket to the valve body (discrad the old screw).
m) re-assemble valve body to transmission, hook up linkage and electrical connectors
n) replace both tranny filters
o) replenish fluid
p) reset codes

I just replaced my solenoids and it is DIY repair if you are mechanically inclined and like working on cars.
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Re: Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor Where and what is it 94 Concours?

I tried to attach 2 diagrams of the solenoid placement in the valve body, lets see if it will work this time, they are in PDF format so you will need Adobe reader to open them.



Re: Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor Where and what is it 94 Concours?

Thanks for all of the info John. I have Acrobat reader but still couldn't open them. Can you send them as a jeg or post them? I would appreciate it.
[email protected]
Re: Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor Where and what is it 94 Concours?

I just had the same problem and fixed it myself. These directions were great. The only problem was, I didn't put that L clamp on so I was back at it the next day. I did take some pics and there are some real good ones on here. If you go to forums, northstar performance and technical info and and searth this forum, type in pics. Look for solenoid/valve body/trans pan pics.
Re: Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor Where and what is it 94 Concours?

Great directions.
I have a "95 SLS and would like to know if these instructions will work for my transmission. My transmission slips when it shifts into overdrive (OD) started last week. I've been driving it in third gear til I can find out what to do to repair.
Thansk for a reply
Re: Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor Where and what is it 94 Concours?

Those instruction are for all 4T80E transmissions, which is the trans that is teamed up with the Northstar. So to answer your question in a word, yes.

Above is the Shift Solenoids
This is the valve body...

This is the transmission without the valve body...

This is the filter and the retaining clips that hold the solenoids in place...

These are the electrical connectors that plug into the shift solenoids and the pressure conrol...

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Re: Code P094 Shift A Solenoid Speed Sensor Where and what is it 94 Concours?

I just performed this on my 94 eldorado.
Thanks to everyone's input on this subject I completed it successfully the first shot!
This forum ROCKS.
I had this problem with my 1995 STS, bought the solenoid kit, had it installed,
but its still the same problem .... does not shift in 4 (overdrive)
what else can it be ?
now we unplugged the battery to make a reset ....
can this be the solution ?
I live in Germany
mi consulta a este tema es que en mi auto eldo95 la transmisión no cambia de segunda, arranca en segunda y se mantiene en segunda. 40 MILLAS/hora y tres mil revoluciones y no cambia...
esto resolvería mi problema??? he revisado casos y no encuentro uno igual al mío... hay un link de cambiar el tcc selenoide de torsión... quien pueda despejar esta duda se lo agradeceré enormemente al igual a cualquiera de sus comentarios... buen día a todos...
:hmm: :noidea: You'll need to put that in English.
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