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seville sts 1994
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Hi i have a p071 (intermittent map signal). im pretty sure it first showed up after a engine bay clean, my seville sts 94 run just fine
in the beginning on my way home. after like 1 hour on low speed it died on me a couple if times.
next day everything was ok and still is.
The code witch i cleared is still popping back up, and its always as "history" never saw it as "current".
Cleared it atleast three times now. Will it eventually dissepear? or do i have some other issue?

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After 3 successful ignition cycles without the code detected it will go to history and stay there for about 40-50 cycles. If the fault is still not detected, it will then be deleted.
You can always manually delete it yourself if you wish.
If it keeps returning, it is most likely an intermittent failure. I'd be tempted to replace it.
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