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CODE p0453

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While driving home today, I notice the check engine light on, and all I want to at that point in time is drive the truck off a cliff.

I drive to AZ and they code it with p0453.
Fuel tank pressure sensor condition

Check fuel tank pressure sensor....defective
Check connector and wiring
Check hoses and fittings.

I have had the fuel pump replaced twice this past December. The first replacement lasted one day, and the new one is really less than 3 months old.
Do you guys feel that it's more in the wiring / hoses/ fittings??
More the sensor....has anyone had a similar issue???
Can the actual sensor be tested in any way before replacing.

The fuel pump is under warranty, I just hate leaving the truck for a couple of days.
It has to be fixed as we are going away for two weeks around Memorial Day.

Any ideas?????
Thanks guys :hmm:
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Pissed would really be an understatement! :alchi:
I really loved this I'm beginning to like it. I have to say that out of every newer vehicel I have ever owned in my entire life, this has been the most troublesome.
Just within 15 months......
Rebuilt tranny
rebuilt rear diff and new axel
rebuilt front diff
new fuel pump.......twice
new oil cooler lines
rear heater seats repair
passenger side mirror replaced
theft system repaired
Driver side window/door lock buttons replaced

I am certain there is more, but my blood pressure is now high enough to affect my
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I got a shipped price on the part, which seems pretty reasonable under todays scheme of part prices. Does anyone here have a first hand knowledge of replacing the fuel tank pressure sensor? Easy to get at etc???? Has anyone ever had an issue with it, or do you think it may be the connections/wires etc, as the fuel pump was replaced twice within the last 4 months???

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