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P036 (E036) ................................. EGR Valve Pintle Position Out of Range

Remove the EGR valve and clean the carbon off of the pintle with carb cleaner so that it moves freely and does not stick. DO NOT hold it inverted and allow the carb cleaner to run down into the "can". It will destroy the insulating varnish on the windings. Do a search. It has been discussed many times in great detail.

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Heah ranger thanks for the reply bro. Now I have one
question where is it located man.I have looked on the
boards and did a search but can't get an idea of what
it looks like can you get me a location or point me in the
right direction. THKS

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EGR valve is on the drivers side of the engine towards the rear. It's a cylinder with wires going into the top of it. 2 bolts on either side of the baseplate. If you've had the fuel rail recall done, you'll have to move the stainless steel fuel rail, if you still have the old nylon one you shouldn't have to remove it. Just have the dealer put the SS one on after you've cleaned the EGR valve, under the recall it's free.

I'm including a couple pics of my old one. Cleaning works most of the time but mine was too far gone and I had to pick one up off eBay, cost about $35. Sorry the pics are a bit blurry.


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