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'98 STS (RIP @ 206,xxx miles)
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If this was my car I would have to try several things before I considered replacing any parts.

Check the pump motor ground wiring connections yet again. Convince yourself the terminals are bright and shiny clean.

Temporarily add a second redundant piece of wire from the pump ground terminal to some other chassis location. Use star washers if necessary to be sure you have a good connection to chassis ground.

Remove the battery ground cable from the battery terminal. Remove the bolt that attaches the battery ground cable to the chassis. Clean the bolt threads, the shoulder of the bolt head, and and the threads in the chassis point where that cable is attached. The point here is the electrical connection for battery ground is made from the cable end terminal to the bottom of the bolt head to the threads. All must be clean and tight.

I would find some way to exercise the traction control pump motor repeatedly. Lifting one wheel off the ground and idling the engine in gear might do it. A drag strip type burn-out pad might do it. An icy road surface would certainly do it. If your pump motor brushes or commutator are dirty, I can see how your code could be set during the self test at KEY ON. One way to clean the brush - commutator connection is to cause the motor to run.

Failing all the above, I would have the assembly on my bench and open it up to inspect all the internal electrical connection points and test the pump motor. This must be done in a clean environment as small particles of dirt could lead to lead to unreliable brake operation.
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