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Clutch not disengaging on 03 CTS

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I had to replace 5 Speed transmission on my wife's 03 cts. Replaced clutch while I had it out and while bleeding I broke bleeder port. I had to replace the master cylinder and slave cylinder then as well. Bleed it and when tried it the clutch doesn't disengage. Any ideas?
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Welcome Aboard !!!

Given your stated timeline of events and inspections I'll guess that you need professional (Cadillac dealership) inspection and documentation, then maybe legal recourse.

IF the clutch cylinder and/or transmission is/was filled with water and there are other damages then that's way out of this forum's repair advice abilities.
Lots of these Cadillac/CTS/V owners have their shit in one sock when it comes to repair, maintenance, and modifications.

Pour a decent bourbon & water, sit back, and dig into the sticky threads (marked with a push pin) in any forum of interest. CTS and its variants, Engines, Lounge, whatever. Stickies are timeless info for all owners of the particular car in the forum of interest.

FWIW, hydraulic clutch controls - pedal, lines, cylinders, mechanicals - can be a real PITA to keep functioning correctly.

You might want to spend $27 or so for a multi-year subscription to the real GM/Cadillac/Helm service manuals online in
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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