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For 4 months now my Climate Control doesn't display properly. One day it will display fine, the next day it just displays CLIMATE CONTROL OFF and i have to use the manual buttons, then the next day it will display showing ZERO degrees. I've had it in to the dealer 4 times for them to tell me it's a software update the engineers are working on and it affects several GM models not just Cadillac. They were told in the bulletin NOT to replace any parts, wait for the update.(n) I have contacted Cadillac and they tell me the same thing. How long does one wait for a feature to be fixed on a brand new car? I think 4 months is WAY TOO LONG and unacceptable. The dealer told me "It's only an inconvenience, your AC/Heat still works". Oh OK you buy a new refrigerator and it doesn't cool "It's only an inconvenience you can still put food in it." WTH, :unsure:their motto that Customer 100% satisfaction is a priority is BS.:poop: I waited 4 years to buy a Cadillac SUV and then i have this issue. May be my last one. I owned 3 Ford SUV's and never had one issue with any of them. The first 2 months I had 3 batteries die on me in less than 30 days on the XT4. That problem seems to be fixed now. Anyone else having Display Issues?

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