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I have an 85 sedan deville. I installed a new stereo into this vehicle and it worked for about ten minutes then i heard pop pop and stereo, climate control readout and fuel gauge readout, all went out. I originally thought it was a fuse, but all fuses seem to be working. This car is new to me and I'm not sure where everything is located. Anyway now when I start the car for the first couple minutes there is a weird buzzer noise going off..telling me something is wrong..duh..just dont know what. Right when I start the car and right when I shut off the digital displays light I know they still function at least in some aspect...I just don't know why I have nothing...Winter is coming soon I'd love to be able to use my heat..and I've ran out of gas 3 times in the past 2 weeks..I'm a broke college student, so I'm trying to avoid a trip to the shop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks -Nate
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