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Clearing Codes

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Read the info about retrieving codes several times but still cannot figure how to clear the codes. help me fellas!
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Which car/engine?

For the 2002 you get into the DTC readout, initialize the sequence and let the codes/modules scroll through to the end, and the DIC will ask "Clear all codes?" Answer YES if that's what you want to do.

If you simply leave any History codes alone they will self-clear after XX start-run-drive cycles during which the fault is not detected. Current codes will remain until you repair the problems- in that case clearing codes accomplishes nothing because as soon as the fault is detected the codes set again and maybe messages and icons appear.
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Hmmm....... answer NO.
So the 2002 Eldorado does not have the 3-switch DIC control buttons on the right side?

(some Googling for 2002 DIC images says "NO!".)

........ in which case my Seville DTC process will not work.


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OK - this late Eldorado procedure is a link at the very bottom of the "How to pull codes" sticky - Post #1
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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