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Clear Bras

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I have a 2006 STS V in the usual color-Black Raven. A friend of mine has a Porsche Carrera and recommends the clear bras for keeping off stone chips etc. Plus, they are supposed to let the sun through so you don't end up with 2 colors.
Anyone had any experience with these?
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I have a "Clearshield" on my 2006 Black Raven. I have used this brand on my 2005 CTS-V and 2004 GTO. It really does help with stone chips and the massive Texas bug splats. This is a custom cut using a computer program and includes coverage for the mirrors and headlights. The other great thing about a Clearshield is that it is so clear, most people don't know you have one until they walk up real close.
Thanks. That is the brand that has been recommended. I understand they can also cover the area beneath the doors and the wheel wells. I appreciate the response as I hold onto cars I like, while my friend with the Porsche always does short term leases.
What is warranty length? 3M is 5 years parts and labor.
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How much does it cost?
Mine cost $380. It was the same place that did my window tint as well as tint/clearshield on CTS-V and GTO so he gave me a price break. I have heard others quoted $425 and dealers up to $800. Waranty is 5 years.
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