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Cleaning Headlamps

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i wanna know how to clean my headlamps, what kind of substance can i use to make them clearer instead of the "foggy" look. im pretty sure its just on the outside so i dont need to take them off. im just wantin to know how i can get the "fog" off.

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Just get the fines sand paper and wet-sand your headlamps. Be patient and do it slowly with alot of water. Than polish them off by using a regular car polishing substance. You'll be amazed!
ok i will give that a try, thanks alot

Or get a green compound... glaze and buff... green compound will remove hairline scratches on dark paint jobs, should work well on build up of wax and grit on headlights...
I suggest that after sanding to about 1500 grit, when all you can see are sanding grits, you polish using a polishing pad attached to a cordless drill or something like it to make the polishing job better. I would tape up and cover the surrounding of the headlight lens so as not to splash polish into the paint of the car and prevent any accidental sanding of the paint.
I use plastic cleaner. Works good on my headlights, or wet sandpaper like someone stated earlier and waxing afterwards.
I used a headlight kit from Eastwood Company. They are an autobody supply company. They send me a buffer wheel for my drill and a tube of metal polish. Took me about an hour and they looked like new.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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