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Cig Lighter Draws power even with ignition off?

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Odd thing just happened to me. S/O and I went to the local Cracker Barrel for dinner. Just as we get there to park, she pushed in the cig. lighter, but it didn't pop out before I parked and shut the ignition off. 2 hours later, the battery was stone dead - needed a jump to get going.

It ran fine afterwards, the DIC showed 13.7 - 14.1 volts going in to the battery.

This happened once before when I left my cell phone charger in the cig lighter overnight.

Is this SOP for the lighter to stay "hot" even with the ignition off?
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Hmmm, most things like this, I would just grab a torch to break loose, but in this case you could melt the cables insulation. So it might not be that good of an idea...Unless you unhook the wire from the terminal connector.
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