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Chrome issue on 92 FWB D'Elegance rear bumper.

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My 92 Brougham D'Elegance has a lousy rear bumper. The chrome has been compromised in several places, and it's all rusty. It will clean up temporarily with steel wool. I've been unable to find a bumper in any better condition up here (outside of Toronto) and am wondering if they can be rechromed. Any idea on the cost of such a thing?
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When I got estimates on having mine done the cost was dependant on how big the individual pieces were. For instance, my 75 Coupe front bumper consists of at least three "major" pieces (minus the bumperettes). Due to this fact, it was going to be cheaper to re-chrome the front than it was the rear because the rear is one long piece (minus the fins). But an "over the phone" quote for my front bumber was about $900-$1000, and the rear was $1200+.
Try searching over the internet, look in southern junkyards or in the southwest boneyards where cars don't rot away.
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