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"Christine" does not like me

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1983 Seville, 4.1
I posted last month about an issue with her almost stalling and having to "bounce" on the gas pedal to keep her running while waiting for a construction crew to clear the road on my way back from a battery purchase. (Details in previous post) After checking codes, fuel pressure etc. I decided to replace the TPS and ISC motor as a precautionary measure. Well, let the fun begin! First of all, the idiot who installed the TPS over torqued one of the attachment screws and it broke flush with the base housing. So he glued it in! Everything has to come off the intake to remove the base so it can be drilled out and retapped. After 36 years the bolts for the attached parts are gaulded to the intake as are the various pipes etc attached to the fuel intake base. And trying to get to the mounting bolts and connecting tubing requires removing other sensors, also gaulded, along with the distributor. A real nightmare, I don't look forward to removing the intake manifold to drill out all of the twisted off bolts so in a flash of possibly unsophisticated thought, I am thinking to just fugetaboutit and remove the TPS and ISC motor completely. After all I can adjust the idle up or down with the throttle screw. Don't think it would be a big deal to do that, might set a code or two, but so what? The TPS and ISC are only idle control functions and seem, at least to me, to be add-on electronic gizmos that add nothing to the run-ability of the engine, just being idle control.

I am probably missing something in my reasoning, (trying to save a lot of additional work and aggravation) and would appreciate any input from anyone who has been faced with a similar situation. And,as an addendum, NO, the base cannot be drilled out while still in position on the car.
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Maybe you should rename her. Christine was a Plymouth, the Eldorado is probably not happy with that name.
My mistake didn't read for comprehension. I would suggest a new name, I am putting forth... Carmen. The opera of that name takes place in Seville.
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Welcome to Canbus I think. A network system not unlike the internet that I first encountered on a missile defense project involving hydraulic actuators. A very industry standard control system.
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